Connected TV: The lucrative second screen

Jeremy Pounder

Social media, off-screen shopping and companion TV content will be viewed not through a connected TV set but a portable second screen device, and that is where the new advertising opportunities lie.

The promise of convergence has been a long time coming. As long ago as 1989, Nicholas Negroponte of Mit Medialab predicted that "by the year 2000, you're going to have a very hard time telling me whether your TV set is a computer or a TV". While most people would still say fairly confidently that their TV set is a TV, connectivity creates the opportunity for TVs to take on some of the capabilities of the PC. But what do people actually want to use connected TVs for, and where do the opportunities lie for advertisers? Our research has shown us that, while connectivity opens the door to all sorts of new uses for the TV, viewers will still overwhelmingly want to use their TV for its original and best use, watching TV.