Digital strategy in healthcare marketing

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At a glance

As digital is becoming a primary marketing channel for healthcare brands, short-termism – the need to demonstrate immediate success – has become the strategy for many healthcare marketers, as brands have leaned on extremely addictive direct marketing solutions to drive sales, often using rational benefits, rather than emotion-driven branding, to get there. This article explains why the category needs to double-down on brand-building in digital, and gives five recommendations on how to do that.

Why it matters

As Les Binet and Peter Field said in their 2018 “Effectiveness in Context” report, “It is very hard to reduce price sensitivity by rational persuasion … If you want to make people less price sensitive, you need to engage them emotionally.” With over the counter brands facing higher fragmentation of their verticals, and private labels – including coming ones from Amazon – commoditizing their markets and attacking their profit margins, healthcare brands need to re-emphasize brand building.