Smarter video planning

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Media planning can be endlessly fascinating. What is the best way to split a media budget between channels to achieve your objectives? What audiences are more effective to target? What months, weeks or even hours should the brand be active in? And then, throughout the campaign, how do we understand whether what we planned has been effective, and could it be optimised better?

This article explores Video Neutral Planning (VNP) and covers the process by which any media planner or manager can create an improved schedule across video formats – including but not limited to TV, VOD, OLV, cinema, social and long-form video – to a set budget. And without needing to invest in any fancy bespoke tools or black-box algorithms.

We will look at:

  • The key drivers of optimal VNP planning;
  • How to maximise the impact across demographics through a simple framework.

Five key considerations