Trendwatch: No interface

Vicki Loomes

Consumers have long craved more seamless and intuitive ways to interact with technology. And that means interaction with their own devices, and with the technologies that stand between them and a brand with which they want to (or have to) engage. So in 2015, consumers will embrace No Interface – tech that facilitates truly natural interactions, enabling them to power through daily tasks as well as send and receive entirely new kinds of information.

The traditional view is that mobile revolutionised everything – from communication to information search and content consumption. But next time you're on public transport, look at a row of smartphone-engrossed fellow passengers. They don't look so different to a row of commuters from the 1950s, hunched over their newspapers. Mobile may have changed our lives, but using a mobile device is just as cognitively, behaviourally and socially intrusive as reading a paper.