Smart approaches to occasion marketing

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At a glance

The Super Bowl is one of the world’s biggest advertising occasions, but with TV spots costing upwards of US$5 million for 30 seconds, brands are looking to make an impact during the big game without the price-tag.

Why it matters

The Super Bowl—a live viewing event with nearly 100 million viewers and an audience that actually seeks out the ads—remains an unparalleled moment to drive impact. Brands have been going bigger and bigger to break through the clutter and to make their participation in the game “worth it”.


  • Invest the money not only in the media but in production to ensure you create something worth talking about, sharing and interacting with.
  • Brands should have a specific reason for being in the big game, objectives associated with their participation and a defined view of what winning looked like for them.
  • Winning outside the game doesn’t necessarily mean spending much less money - hijacks mean pre-planning, spending significant dollars in paid social and digital support and using production dollars that still rival that of an in-game spot.