Think creatively to develop the big idea

Tom Tuke-Hastings
All About The Idea

The quest for innovation requires a Big Idea. Getting the environment right to inspire creative thinking is crucial in this. And having come up with the idea, you need to sell it in. Tom Tuke-Hastings of All About the Idea explains how to generate ideas and turn them into reality, illustrated with a case study for KAZAM.

So you want a Big Idea? You are not alone; there is more innovation happening now than ever before and the pace of innovation gets faster every year. To get a slice of this pie, people are looking hard for the next big thing.

But what is a Big Idea and how is it going to help you? Ideas have the power to change the world and some are game changing. But there are lots of smaller Big Ideas that are thought up every day that solve problems and make the world a better place.