How to grow via premiumisation

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Need to know

  • It’s not straightforward targeting affluent individuals in the Middle East, as a new, toned-down aesthetic is coming to the fore.
  • To connect with this audience, marketers must understand how to target wealthier consumers based on subtler cues and evolving values.
  • The ‘you’ve earned this’ brand message is powerful. This could be a call to action for the affluent consumer who otherwise might not have taken the time to celebrate his or her achievement.
  • Innovative luxury brands recognize what’s most precious to affluent individuals – their time, their family, and the pursuit of freedom. Harnessing any one of these is the best way to appeal to the affluent.
  • With this cohort rapidly evolving, now is the time for brands to engage with the real human aspirations and anxieties that affluent individuals have in a fast-changing Middle East.

In a changing region, what “premium” means is shifting