Shifting consumer values and brand perceptions in recession

Vanella Jackson and Farrah Bostic

There is no doubt that there has been a dramatic shift in society's values in recent years, and that this pace of change is speeding up.

The great enabler for this has been technology, which has given us more information, created communities, given empowerment and changed the nature of engagement with people.

Marketers must take heed of these changes. New ways of engaging with people require new ways of understanding them. We now exist in a world where context is important. To understand attitudes and behaviours alone is not enough. What we call 'the now context' has to be taken into account.

Values that were already in a state of flux are being brought to the fore by the recession. To understand what these changes in values might mean, and how they were being affected by the recession, the innovation team at Hall & Partners set about developing a research programme to help determine how and what the shifting values were that would impact on consumers' lives.