In the rankings of India's best-loved brands, one brand that is a regular fixture is Amul Butter. In fact, in a 2016 study, Amul clearly outranked global brands like Coke, Pepsi and Nestlé. Little wonder, then, that when Amul calls itself 'The Taste of India', this overt claim doesn't seem to elicit any disagreement.

Amul is a masterclass in brand building. Its ad campaign is one of the world's longest-running campaigns, unchanged for over half a century. And Amul has achieved the Holy Grail of ads: its advertising is not seen as advertising at all, but rather as a kind of much-loved cartoon series on whatever is currently top of mind in the Indian consciousness. People look forward to the next Amul ad just as they'd look forward to the next cartoon of a favourite cartoonist, and Amul's ad agency was referred to by the The Wall Street Journal recently as 'India's cartoon factory'.