Optimise the RoI from search

Juan Vargas

There is a common misconception that SEO success means gaining the top ranking on Google, but research from GroupM shows a balance between position and spend on keywords can result in lower positions gaining similar traffic

It's standard practice for most marketing tactics to attempt to address the largest possible audience. Go where the eyeballs are, the reasoning says. This approach has by and large carried over to SEO strategies, where much activity is focused on targeting the most commonly searched keywords for a given industry. More often than not, these efforts are driven by the advertiser who becomes fixated with being 'at the top of Google' for 'x' or 'y' term.

Certain well-performing keywords become the holy grail of the SEO campaign, although more often than not, a broader approach targeting multiple keywords may elicit better search rankings. Yet, brands still underestimate the value of gaining visibility for broad generic terms.