Neuroscience: Experiential measurement and touchpoint optimisation

Thom Noble

New smart-marketing techniques, harnessing neuroscience and behavioural economics, are being used to engage, emotionally and experientially, along the customer journey. Thom Noble of NeuroStrata looks at how marketers are turning to the new neuro-tools to uncover fresh insight at the non-conscious level and so better understand touchpoint effectiveness.

Our any time, any place, anywhere environment increases the challenges on brands to compete across many more touchpoints than ever before. In response, marketers are recognising the advantages in more deeply engaging emotionally and experientially with their brands to make more of a consumer connection.

Yet consumers are increasingly distracted and devoting less and less time to traditional forms of advertising and marketing communication and less and less sustained attention to newer forms of interaction. Recent literature demonstrates that consumer 'cognitive overload' is already compromising the quality of the communication that does actually manage to penetrate. Other academic studies highlight that multitasking is in reality a fallacy; rather than true 'parallel processing', we instead rely on rapid oscillations between one task and the next sequentially. Divided attention undermines the effectiveness of our interaction.