Mobile’s role in multi-device campaigns

Rachel Robinson

Although mobile is the key platform, advertisers need to understand that segregation of channels is out of sync with current user habits and should deliver fluid advertising campaigns across the optimum number of devices to provide a unified experience for consumers.

Have we reached a definitive moment in advertising? Is mobile finally taking the lead? While a proliferation of technology has prompted marketers to make several annual declarations that the year of mobile has arrived, 2016 could at last see it take pole position in the digital advertising race. The latest findings of a report by the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) examine the role of smartphones in advertising campaigns, both in isolation and in conjunction with other devices.

In the Advertising Brands: Cross Device Effectiveness study, ad exposure across two devices was shown as the most effective campaign method, driving the most substantial increase in ad recall and positive brand sentiment. The results demonstrate that taking a siloed approach to advertising could leave brands trailing behind those who provide a unified experience for consumers.