Media research: Magazines make their mark

Jim Jarrett and Marcos Perreira
Marius Cloete
Professional Publishers Association

Magazines are one of the more intimate forms of media and 'magonomics' analytics suggest brands should reconsider this media choice and increase ad investment.

With the release of MAGNIFY in 2012, the Professional Publishers Association (PPA), which is the trade body for the magazine industry in the UK, was able to remind the media industry of the value of the reader relationship (

It reacquainted us with the capabilities of the medium throughout the customer journey but did not answer the questions of how this translates into return on investment and how the medium's performance compares with other media. Working with Mindshare, the PPA wanted to establish answers to these questions. Magonomics is the outcome of this partnership. It shows us that when care is taken to account for magazines' readership patterns, the reader relationship provides the foundation for strong business outcomes.