Partnering for growth

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At a glance

The McLaren Group has a sophisticated approached to brand partnerships embedding partners within its organisation to collaborate on innovation.

Why it matters

McLaren is not the wealthiest racing team on the circuit, but its transformation mindset has created a compelling partnership strategy that creates huge value for both parties.


  • Successful, longstanding brand partnerships come down to value generation. Ensure your partnerships have access to rich data to show how they’re tracking against their partnership objectives.
  • McLaren is expanding its racing proposition into cycling, esports and the US market. Successful partnerships empower both parties to access new audiences and new markets.
  • Dell and McLaren collaborated in the field of digital therapeutics. The best partnerships expand beyond the confines of the two organisations into new territories and new opportunities.

An interview with Henry Chilcott, Group Marketing Director, McLaren Group

Beyond the track, McLaren partners with companies as diverse as healthcare and public transport to help boost their performance. Can you explain how this works in practice?