Lowdown: Storytelling apps

Nadya Powell

The perceived wisdom on applications is that they should be a minimal viable product - single task, stripped-down simplicity, functionally pure. This wisdom gave rise to the 140 characters of Twitter, the' 10 seconds before the message disappears' of Snapchat, and the swipe right of Tinder. Locked-down, high-performance, closed-system apps.

However, as confidence in social apps increases and the creative ambitions and abilities of Millennials grow, we are seeing a new kind of apps appear that are fundamentally different. The opposite of minimum viable product, they are storytelling platforms that are multifunctional, complex, and allow for infinite expression. Three applications in particular deserve mention.

Knowme (http://knowme.com/) is the oldest of this new breed, having launched at the end of January. It allows you to record video clips and mix them with photos and previously recorded videos to create video stories. You can also record audio over the top to add to the narrative layer. Backed by J. J. Abrams, it differs from Vine and InstaVid as it provides a much greater level of creative support and less emphasis on social sharing.