Know the audience: The affluent

Felim McGrath

Affluent consumers are fashion- and brand-conscious tablet users, who seek out expert reviews in online blogs. They value personalised services and protect their online privacy.

GWI's research programme covers 33 countries across the world and surveys 200,000 internet users aged 16-64 each year. Here we focus on the wealthiest 1% from 83,806 respondents in our Q3 and Q4 2014 research. These most affluent consumers are most likely to be male, aged 25-34, married, educated to university level and be a senior manager.

Some of the most important insights to know about this audience include:

  • Personalised service is key to engaging the most affluent internet users and motivating them to buy online. For this group, customer service and personalisation/co-creation opportunities are the biggest purchase drivers and exclusive content/information is more important for gaining brand advocates.
  • This audience takes a strong interest in online privacy. The majority say they like to be anonymous online and about half are resorting to ad blockers or anti-tracking software.
  • Tablets and smart devices are much more important to this group. Almost as many have a tablet as have a smartphone and six in ten own a smartwatch. These are the consumers that are driving the boom in new internet devices.
  • The most affluent users are happy to express their disappointment with a brand via social media. They are more likely to be posting negative reviews on Facebook and Twitter or unfollowing/unliking brands.

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