Data and creativity

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While we have been doing work for clients which includes the stitching together of image analytics with text-mined analytics, we felt there was a lot more potential to go beyond just text and images. This led us in the autumn of 2017 to interweaving text, image, geospatial, weather and demographic insights.

While many people analyse data, not many realise the importance of the meta-data that gets attached to data and the insights this can deliver. Often this meta-data can become very important if the data is not perfectly complete – for example, data and meta-data from social media sources and other digital networks (media websites, review sites, search data, advertising data, and so on).

Let's explain with a simple example of Twitter data. While a tweet is a piece of text data, its meta-data contains images, geolocation tags, the tweeter's information, information about the retweet (if any), all the above information about the original tweeter (if a retweet) and more. All in all, this adds up to almost 60 additional informational attributes for a single tweet. Similar information, but in variations, can be obtained from different digital networks and social media sources. We believed a lot of this meta-data was underutilised, and if we were to link it up with other data sources, we could extract more information from a single piece of data – hence allowing us to create a more complete picture and gain better insights.