Consumers are spending more money online every year and it's estimated that by 2021, UK shoppers will spend over £20 billion in the grocery e-commerce sector alone. This figure is a concern for brands from all sectors but is particularly worrying for FMCG brands, for whom this trend poses a number of serious challenges.

In fact, these challenges echo those experienced by brands in bricks-and-mortar stores, but at a more acute level: the grocer holds the power over stock and marketing, there is limited media space in which to communicate brand messages and the shopping environment is price-driven. In addition to these barriers, a wide range of research initiatives have identified some key behaviours that shape consumer attitudes to grocery e-commerce. KHWS has built on this with a research project dedicated to understanding the type of messaging that can influence shopping behaviour, helping brands overcome the barriers to basket.

Consumers have made it even harder for FMCG brands to effectively drive sales by adopting a host of new habits. These habits include those uncovered by Kantar's Worldwide e-commerce grocery market report which indicates that as many as 55% of consumers use the same e-commerce shopping list every week, plus those revealed in our own research which identified that grocery e-commerce cart abandonment still affects 26% of grocery transactions.