In the attention economy, the currency that really matters is salience. With consumers exposed to more than 10,000 brand messages and 3,600 ads per day, brands need to work harder than ever to grab and keep our interest. Little wonder that Nielsen reports that three-quarters (76%) of new product launches fail within the first year.

Understanding how to better integrate behavioural insights into creative strategies is now becoming business-critical to influence the likelihood of a brand's success. So how does that work? In partnership with Rare Consulting, a marketing and insights consultancy, we set out to uncover the factors that made launches stand out, the key drivers that got people to first engage, as well as the influence of brand relationship on consideration and likelihood to purchase.

By asking a demographically representative sample of people in the UK, we confirmed some of what we suspected already. Successful launches are not the preserve of the few. More than 92 different brands were mentioned when asked to recall recent launches – from consumer tech, telecoms and automotive to white goods, health and beauty, and FMCG. The 92 brands recalled were discovered across a range of 3 1 unique touchpoints (online search, personal recommendations and TV played a key role throughout) whereas online advertising and social media were more important at the start of the journey.