Sustainability: Opportunities and challenges for brands

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Move over niche brands, environmental friendliness has moved to the mainstream. For instance, Clorox’s Green Works line of household cleaners operates in the same category as niche brands such as Method and Seventh Generation. Likewise, Natura by Benjamin Moore and Harmony by Sherwin Williams compete in home paints against niche ecofriendly brands YOLO Colorhouse and Green Planet Paints. A real challenge faced by mainstream brands entering the green market is that they are going up against competitors that are smaller but focused on being truly green as well as other mainstream and larger competitors who have also introduced green lines in addition to their other established products.

This study investigates the unique challenges faced by mainstream green brands. We partnered with a major brand that recently had launched a green product line and examined how a mainstream brand’s green line is affected by the use of point-of-purchase visual cues that promote environmental friendliness.

To be green or not green? That is the question