Get Millennials' attention

Steve Gladdis, with Pauline Robson and John Beardsworth
MediaCom London

Constant web usage and its effect on concentration makes Millennials the 'attention deficit generation'. This presents a significant challenge to marketers. Here are nine 'attention grabbers' to consider when planning and reviewing campaigns targeting Millennials.

We live in a world of information overload. The amount of information our brains can deal with has not changed over time, whereas the amount of information we need to process is increasing every year. Most of us have several connected devices, facilitating instant access to multiple social media feeds, to constantly updated news sources, and to invaluable resources such as Google and Wikipedia who are organising all of the world's information to be just a thumb-swipe away. We're able to look up anything at any time, are addicted to (and desperate for) notifications that new messages have arrived, and are constantly connected to work, friends, and family.