Frequency: How much is too much?

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Need to know

  • Frequency capping is important but its importance will vary depending on the advertisers’ primary purpose – is it to drive Amazon sales? Or is it brand building?
  • Think about the sensitivity and application of frequency capping - is this a paid search environment where the ad is being returned based on a customer’s search query? Or is the brand proactively engaging a consumer with a DSP ad based on their previous view or purchase history?
  • There are three main self-serve advertising products: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Amazon DSP
  • Sponsored Brand frequency is approx. 5 impressions per placement per user per day
  • Amazon DSP enables marketers to set frequency caps on order or line item level. And it can be captured as a recordable metric
  • For ‘Always On’ Amazon DSP campaigns, a 1 per day frequency cap at the order level allows for continued exposure and frequency cap regulation across all the line of items
  • For shorter burst campaigns the frequency cap can be more aggressive and 3 per 8 hours is a good balance, allowing for more potential ad exposures to a user
  • As a general guideline, unless the campaign is a really short burst, best practice is to aim for steady messaging rather than bombardment