Marketing Telecommunications

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Rise of the tech giants

Technology is changing the telecommunications industry. New entrants have entered the market and with the likes of WhatsApp, Viber and Apple iMessage offering free messaging and call services, this has changed the way consumers make calls and send messages. The rise of the smartphone and mobile devices gives us a growing number of options in the way we can keep in touch, and in this competitive climate the telecommunications companies are now having to work smarter and rethink their offerings to keep hold of their share of the market.

In the face of increased competition and commoditised pricing, telecoms companies will need a forward-thinking strategy that helps to differentiate them from the competition and they will need to move into the technology space to meet competitors that come from this background. Selling minutes and texts alone is no longer a sustainable business model in the long term and these companies will need to carve out a value offering that resonates with the market. Growing and moving into the technology space will result in the market seeing more mergers and acquisitions in the coming years as telecommunications companies grow their skills base and seek to enter new markets and geographical regions.