5 rules for implementing programmatic native advertising

Ruth Zohrer

Programmatic native advertising

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The application of programmatic technology to native advertising brings a greater responsibility to apply best practice and create the right value exchange for consumers. Ruth Zohrer of Mindshare proposes a set of core principles to help guide advertisers in creating brand-aligned, differentiated and valuable native advertising experiences delivered through programmatic means.

The notion that a brand could use high-quality content within the right context (often as a form of paid placement in a publication) to positively drive brand awareness and perception isn't new. Arguably, advertorials like The Penalty of Leadership, written by Theodore F. MacManus in 1915 and voted the greatest ad of all time in 1945, would fit our definition of 'native advertising' today. Yet until very recently, this type of advertising had only been done as part of a unique partnership between brand and publisher, and was therefore difficult to scale.