Winning in the era of brand experience

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Unlocking the potential in brand experience

Only recently has the term ‘brand experience’ come to define how a brand lives across all touchpoints. At Rufus Leonard, it’s not a new idea. For 30 years, we’ve helped brands deliver extraordinary, consistent brand experiences at every interaction.

Brand experience (BX) refers to the memorable hero moments along the customer journey, while customer experience is about matching consumer expectations

BX is all-encompassing – transforming the entire experience, impacting how people feel about a brand, and in turn, having a significant impact on spend, loyalty and, inevitably, advocacy.

We know that technology has transformed both consumer expectations and brand relationships. While brands can no longer rely on advertising as a go-to way of building relationships, these digitally-driven developments open up a world of opportunity for brands to innovate highly intuitive, personalised experiences.