Smart approaches to occasion marketing

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At a glance

The Hajj pilgrimage is one of the most sacred rites for Muslim worshippers. By focusing on utility and the humanity of the experience, brands can make themselves relevant to pilgrims as they travel.

Why it matters

In a world of customer journeys and experience journeys, Hajj gives marketers and agencies a different sort of journey to look at: a spiritual one. It’s the most spiritual journey a Muslim can take, being truly revolutionary in more ways than one.


  • Focus on human spiritual truths during Hajj: 95% of those surveyed, who finished their Hajj, felt a metaphysical unity like never before. Targeting and segmentation based on socio-economic status doesn’t matter.
  • 89% of pilgrims have expressed they do not even worry about checking their social media profiles while travelling – it’s a distraction dragging them away from what they should be focusing on. So, sending ads via social media defeats the purpose.
  • Design meaningful solutions for Hajj pilgrims by looking at pain-points throughout their human journey versus their traveller or customer journey.