Partnering for growth

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At a glance

Mike Pearson delves into the explosion of brand collaborations in China like Sprite noodles and discovers a market finding its creative confidence and the perfect fuel for social media

Why it matters

The willingness to experiment with brand partnerships in China is unlike anything seen in the Western world. Yes, it’s short term, but it’s also a cost-effective way to reach Millennials and Gen. X. What can we learn from this approach?


  • Savvy brand owners in China know that even a brand collaboration that’s only big for a week is worth it, generating the same media attention for a fraction of the cost of a TV campaign.
  • Heritage brands are partnering outside their category to reach a new audience of Millennials and Gen Z who love the nostalgia value.
  • The most successful collabs in China give consumers access to something unique that they could not afford or use before.