Casting confident brands

Tim Stock and Marie Lena Tupot

Too often product placement is not seen as part of the overall long-term brand strategy. The thought is to get it in and get it visible. But we know the rules have changed and the consumer is filtering out more and more messages, as the media landscape becomes more and more cluttered. To get past this is all about finding the ideal venue to demonstrate honestly the 'coolness' of the brand. As video-on-demand and mobile content delivery evolve from mass to niche market, it becomes easier to alienate people. Now we need to get closer and focus in to get these new techniques to work.

So is product placement relevant? Not under the old rules of advertising. Effective product placement requires a level of confidence on the part of the brand for it to come off authentically. The goal of product placement is to make effective associations to the cultural narrative in the form of stuff people like and think is cool. Often brands forget that the most effective placement is the narrative looking to them.