Build brands with meaning

Jens Grefen

A new brand idea and tagline, together with a refreshed logo, have brought clear meaning and positioning to Munich Airport – reflecting the joy of travel, authentic connections and meaningful moments.

Brand design for business growth

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You've heard it all before: a brand is more than just the logo. It is more than its colour, its typeface, its layout system, or the look and feel of the visual identity. It is more than the product itself. Branding is way past that concept – a successful brand creates experiences that stick with you and make you come back for more. A successful brand is talked about instead of talking about itself. B2B, B2C, B&C – it doesn't matter. In the end, your brand ideally becomes the consumers' brand, and therefore part of their everyday life. But how can you achieve this if it is not just about all those controllable and visual elements?