Brand Anthropomorphism Online is Personal

Michael Donohoo, Strategy & Insights Planner, MEC Sydney

How should marketing adapt to the era of personalisation?

This essay was entered into The Admap Prize 2016.
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Have you ever been a frustrated customer? A customer that feels as though the brand you are dealing with doesn't care, doesn't know you at all and lacks that personal connection? Of course you have. We have all experienced the ordinary, been left disappointed and consequently shopped elsewhere.

It's no secret that as consumers we expect personalised service in both the physical and online shopping environments. Consumers desire that 1-2-1 relationship with businesses because despite possessing shared goals with many customers, an individual still has their personal needs. Accordingly, the primary focus of any good brand manager is to better comprehend the customer purchase journey to ultimately establish a unique, personal experience that engages the consumer, answers their questions and results in repeat, loyal consumption due to overriding satisfaction.