Winning in the era of brand experience

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A conversation with Lorna Sommerville, CMO of Function of Beauty, a personalised hair care business. Before her current role Lorna spent three years as VP Marketing at Harry’s, the DTC start-up. She also spent five years as Global Brand Director for Coca-Cola. Nazia Du Bois, Founder of Ricebowl Strategy (ex-DAVID & Ogilvy, and lead strategist on Harry’s), did a Q&A session with Lorna to glean insights into her world.

You’ve got significant years under your belt as a senior marketer at Coke. In what ways is being a marketer for a DTC business like a Harry’s or a Function of Beauty different from a Coca-Cola?

There are two categories of differences: 1) the organizational environment and 2) the brands themselves, the way they operate and the marketing challenges they bring.