Adstats: International Ad Forecast

Total adspend, based on 12 key markets, is expected to rise by 4.5% in 2016 to US$414.1bn, according to Warc's latest International Ad Forecast. India is expected to record the fastest year-on-year growth on 13%, but should only take a 1.8% share of total spend (US$7.6bn). the US is forecast to account for a 42.3% share (US$175bn) following 4.9% growth this year. Internet is expected to be dominant in half of the 12 markets, taking in excess of 45% of spend in the UK and 50% in China. TV is set to be the biggest channel in the remaining six countries, however total TV adspend across all 12 markets is expected to rise 3.5% this year, behind the forecast growth rate of 12% for internet.

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Forecast adspend by medium

2016, US$bn. Based on 12 key markets, yr-on-yr % change in brackets