Internet users aged 16-64 from 34 countries included in a GlobalWebIndex survey spent a total of 11:23 hours per day consuming media in 2017, a figure which includes time spent on multiple media simultaneously. Approximately 60% was spent online – 33% via PC and 27% via mobile. Globally, 69% of people used a mobile phone while watching TV, up sharply from 50% in 2012, but not uniformly – only 54% of North Americans and Europeans did so, compared with 75% in the rest of the world. By contrast, laptop use has dropped from 50% to 33% over the same period. During TV time, 41% of viewers chatted to friends, another 41% interacted with the online content of a TV show, compared with just 19% who were looking for products to buy. Representing 15% each, music streaming and online TV are now on level pegging in terms of how digital time is spent, but social networking is still larger than both combined, by a single percentage point.

Time spent by medium by key market