Adstats: Global media consumption

Internet users aged 16–64 from 34 countries included in a GlobalWebIndex survey spent a total of 11.1 hours per day consuming media during Q1–Q3 2015. The figure includes time spent on multiple media simultaneously. Approximately 55% was spent online. US audiences watched the most TV – up to 3.3 hours a day on linear TV and one hour online. Chinese consumers watched the least TV overall, but had the highest online TV usage at 1.1 hours a day. Globally, 55% of respondents used a mobile phone while watching TV and 41% used a laptop. When going online while watching TV, 42% chatted to friends, while 26% searched for products to buy.

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Time spent by medium by key market

No. of hours, Q1–Q3 2015
Q: 'On a typical day, how many hours do you spend on/doing X?'
Note: 'Online via PC' includes laptop and tablet; the data includes multiple media consumption via multitasking
Source: GlobalWebIndex