Future of payments

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Need to know

  • Digital-first businesses know their customers by virtue of just being online. The data customers generate and share when shopping online enables e-commerce operators to bypass traditional loyalty mechanics altogether.
  • The imperative to go digital is currently most overlooked in physical stores. The digital capability to engage customers in a way that can foster loyalty significantly lags the opportunity. This is particularly important when linking a retailer’s view of a customer that shops online when they come into store. Digital connections in-store are key to generating a consistent single customer view across channels.
  • Customer technology investment and digital marketing engagement needs to join up the full offline and online experience via digital. It needs to do this more effectively before, during and after any store visit or purchase.
  • By digitising traditional touchpoints like signage, the shelf edge and checkout via mobile, physical store operators can begin to offer a customer experience that can better compete with and complement online.