5 steps to effective frequency

Lisa Beaumont


The real world of media planning is messy and difficult to make sense of. Planners need guidelines for mediascheduling decisions what is the best way to spread a limited budget over time? The purpose of media research is to provide planners with confidence and insight, to make better judgments that deliver the desired results. However, this does not mean it is right to apply a single doctrine to most planning scenarios. On the contrary, planners can follow a general process delivering an individual solution tailored to their clients' needs. The general process is shown in Exhibit 1.

The importance of each step in the process is illustrated by evidence collected by TNS over ten years' investigation into advertising effectiveness. A household purchase panel, Superpanel, reports grocery purchasing for homes representative of the population. They use Palm Pilots to scan the bar codes on all grocery purchases taken into the home, and TV set meters have been installed in a subset of 3,000 Superpanel homes nationally these are the tvSPAN panel, and again are representative of the population. They let us investigate singlesource purchase and viewing data, since actual purchasing and viewing habits are recorded within the same home.