3 ways to engage with Boomers through digital design

Karwai Ng

The over-50s market is huge but is not being served with technology suited to their needs. Design thinking methodology that invites Boomers into the process can create products and services that offer new value propositions for this wealthy and tech-savvy demographic.

The world's population is ageing. By 2050, for the first time in human history, the number of people aged over 65 will outnumber children aged 5 and under. It's a statistic oft-heard but not acted upon, especially in digital service design. It's hard to think of a mass-market app or digital service that truly caters to the needs of the over-50s.

The silver pound certainly makes for a compelling case to start designing digital services for this market. In line with its Silver Economy report, Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates that the over-50s account for almost 60% of total US consumer spending and 50% of that in the UK. The over-50s also make up 35% of the British population and control 89% of disposable wealth in the UK.