10 top tips for copywriting

Ian Stockley

From writing in active sentences, to using plain English, Ian Stockley of Indicia provides 10 quick-fire tips to improve your copywriting and so achieve better client and customer responses.

One of the secrets to good copywriting is to thrive on the creativity of it. Enjoy it. Even if you don't enjoy it. Because the nature of how you're feeling when you craft your communication will always come through in the text itself. If you're bored, you'll write boring words. If you're intimidated and unsure of what you're trying to convey, you'll be unsettlingly vague with a tendency to deviate from what you really want to say.

So seize the challenge. Shake it up. Smash it out of the park. To sell your story, it pays to be bold. Every communication you craft can be brilliant. It simply demands focus and application.

1. Know your social