10 content lessons from the Super Bowl

Devra Prywes

Ditch the celebs, pre-launch the ad, promote your brand and trigger an emotion such as national pride or amazement are among the lessons from analysing winning Super Bowl content. Devra Prywes of Unruly outlines these and, as an example, a case study for Doritos' Ultrasound, which was the most shared ad in Super Bowl 2016.

Content Marketing

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Global ad spend is expected to grow 4.7% this year (ZenithOptimedia), largely driven by the increased opportunity from a year filled with marquee sporting events (the annual Super Bowl and the return of the quadrennial Euros and Summer Olympic Games). Last year, a record 114.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl (Nielsen), while Super Bowl ads received over 483 million online views, as well as the added bonus of setting a video-sharing record with 9.2 million shares (Unruly Analytics#).