Agency: Wunderman Shanghai China

Campaign Strategy

Pangolins, the only known mammal with scales and are found in China. These shy and harmless mammals are the most heavily trafficked and poached for their scales for traditional Chinese medicinal purposes. In some parts of China, their meat is considered a delicacy and status symbol.

50% of Chinese citizens know that pangolins are illegally poached but 70% still believe that they have real medicinal value. Most people simply do not know anything about the animal.

An estimated 1 million pangolins were killed in the past decade, decreasing the population in China by 94%. At it will quickly become extinct in China in the next 5 years.

How can we help stop the killing? Build awareness that ultimately shapes public opinion. That had been the formula for success for banning elephant tusks and shark fins.

Our target is urban Chinese of all ages, particularly digitally savvy Chinese youth who can influence their parents and relatives about the plight of pangolins, educating them that pangolin scales have no medicinal benefits and there are alternatives to pangolin meat.