Agency: Mediacom India

Why is this work relevant for media?

We used an end-to-end media solution to bring the global #LikeAGirl phenomenon to India, inspiring millions of young girls across the country that they can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do.

Through content creation, content integrations, social chatter, influencer community building, mega event, and PR, we rallied the whole country behind our cause.


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India lags behind most developing markets when it comes to sanitary napkin usage. Shockingly only 40% of urban Indian women use sanitary napkins.

Most sanitary napkin brands in the category have communicated only product superiority, and never addressed the feeling of inferiority that a woman suffers from, when she hits puberty.

Whisper has always championed a girl's confidence through various initiatives: Be Unstoppable, Kadam Badhaye Ja, Touch The Pickle.