Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's Singapore
Brand owner: Hanbaobao Pte Ltd
Lead agency: OMD Singapore
Contributing agency: DDB Singapore
Country: Singapore
Industries: Restaurants & takeaways
Media channels: Online display, Programmatic display

Executive summary

The iconic Big Mac celebrated its 50th anniversary, globally, in 2018, and McDonald's Singapore wanted to celebrate the double-pattied burger in a special way.

However, as appealing as the Big Mac was to the wider audience, it proved difficult to find a homogenous reason for Singaporeans to celebrate it. Everybody seemed to love the Big Mac in their own special way.

Using this insight, instead of creating a campaign that we thought would drive appeal across the different Big Mac-lovers, we decided to let data tell us what to do.

Studying the behaviour of past Big Mac buyers on McDelivery, we layered more second- and third-party data sources to give us a richer, and more meaningful, understanding of who the Big Mac lover really was.