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Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Executive Summary

This paper is about recognizing a strength. Between 2005 and 2015, overnight trips from Melbourne to regional Victoria grew 1.9% per year. Convincing Melburnians that they would survive in the regions without access to a deconstructed latte was a challenge.

Instead of competing on Melbourne's terms, we changed the value equation, recognizing that regional Victoria offered one thing Melbourne couldn't; the luxury of time.

'Wander Victoria' gave people permission to slow down, positioning the regions as a place to find time.

What was the strategic communications challenge?

Driving overnight visitation to regional destinations is a challenge for tourism boards at home and abroad. Whilst some of the challenges regional Victoria faced were unique, many were true of the category.

Regional Tourism In Stagnation

Over the long-term, growth in overnight trips was stagnant; just 1.9% AAG (average annualized growth) in the 10 years to 2015. There were signs of recovery; in the five years before the campaign (2011 - 15), overnight travel from other capital cities to their regions had grown 5.5% annually, in comparison to Melbourne to regional Victoria's 6.4%. But this growth was only a return to parity; it took until 2015 for there to be more overnight trips from Melburnians to regional Victoria than there was in the year 2000 (source: NVS).