Campaign details

Agency: Gruppo Roncaglia
Country: Italy


It's a sector with a low purchase frequency -on average customers visit stores once every three or four months. So our challenge was to create a valuable relationship with customers, increasing opportunities for contact with them. Our main challenge was, therefore, to enhance the dialogue between customers and brand by creating more opportunities for contact, even outside the store. From here the idea of transforming the Unieuro Club loyalty program in a world, the world, that was not limited just to an interaction client / brand during the purchase, but also allows to keep the relationship out of the store, increasing the proximity perception of the brand.

The gamification plays an essential role; subscribers, in fact, can earn points not only by buying, but also by interacting with the portal content. Compared to the loyalty programs of competitors (MediaWorld, Trony, Expert, Euronics), Unieuro Club has a simple and linear dynamics: subscribers have recognized the effectiveness to accumulate points and get prizes even without any purchase.