Campaign details

Brand: U by Kotex
Advertiser: Kimberly Clark Australia
Agency: Ogilvy Australia


This paper outlines U by Kotex Australia's 'Let's move on' campaign. It covers the campaign's two years of activity from 2016–2017 and its effects on business, brand and behaviour.

It's a story about a brand doing the unimaginable; embracing its own lack of importance in the lives of its consumers. By breaking marketing and category conventions, our campaign shot the brand from third place where they faced the constant worry of deletion, to outright leader in less than two years.

Business background

Stuck in third

In 2003, Kimberly Clark's feminine-care brand U by Kotex (UbK) was launched in Australia. Within two years the brand's share had grown to third place in the category. However, growth was slow, and in 2015, the brand was still lagging behind the category's two established goliath brands: Libra and Carefree. These brands had exchanged the coveted top two positions for over thirty years, while UbK had stalled at a respectable, but vulnerable, number three.1