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Brand: Tyson Foods
Advertiser: Tyson Foods
Lead agency: IN Connected Marketing

State of the marketplace and brand's business

Between the busy back-to-school and holiday seasons, Sam's Club sales under-index.1 Sam's Club shoppers stock-up on seasonal items like candy during this season. Simultaneously, the balance of the store sees slower unit velocities, especially in trip-driving categories.1

As shoppers visit Sam's Club to stock up on candy, they neglect the rest of the store. Tyson needed to help Sam's Club break out of the box and grow the frozen and refrigerated departments, which contain key stock-up and trip-driving categories. At the same time, a solution was needed to help drive shoppers down the aisle and drive one more item per basket. Less than 22% of shoppers who enter the store go down the frozen/refrigerated aisle and those who do only buy one item.6,7