Agency: Harte Hanks


ThinkGeek needed a marketing campaign that targeted consumers who were interested in the collectibles industry during the busy holiday season. This campaign had three main objectives:

Drive incremental sales in the face of mounting competition

Increase awareness of the ThinkGeek product line with the GameStop customer base (ThinkGeek had recently been acquired by GameStop around this time period)

Improve customer engagement with the ThinkGeek brand, so customers instantly thought of them as the premier online destination for unique collectibles going forward


During discovery, we found that the client's customer up-sell practice consisted of single-channel (email), single-touch offers sent when new products were introduced or when there was a product tie-in to a movie release. Entirely driven by them, not by customer need in the moment.

We also found previously un-targeted segments that showed propensity for additional sales. The most promising segment was the Gift-Giver segment that was identified using analysis of GameStop and ThinkGeek sales data. This group consisted of women 35+ who make sporadic purchases throughout the year. This finding was reinforced through a social media analysis that showed the number of females accessing the ThinkGeek social pages more than doubled during the holiday season. Their conversations revolved around getting gift ideas for the Geeks in their life. Geeks who, we found, passionately identify with their particular fandom: Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc. While the Geeks were certain of their passions (and love to debate with other Geeks about what's best), the Gift-Givers weren't certain what collectible would best reflect that that passion. These insights drove our entire strategic and creative approach. "Vs" campaign was born!