Agency: Publicis.Sapient


Patrón created the category of premium tequila by using a small batch, traditional handcrafted process. But instead of being lauded for their heritage and craft, the brand was being perceived as a status symbol. High-end bartenders and spirit connoisseurs were snubbing the spirit for being low-brow and too mainstream. While we sold a lot of shots, we were quickly reaching the edge of our growth potential.

To change this, the world needed to know how Patrón delivers on their promise of the best tequila in the world, but we realized we weren't doing much to educate them about our process or heritage. We needed to go beyond the tequila and celebrate the lifestyle of cocktails, tapping into bartenders as our ambassadors and treating consumers like connoisseurs. We saw the opportunity to create an ecosystem of campaigns that supported the idea of enjoying more tequila, all celebrating the perfect Patrón cocktail.