Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Author: Mike Teasdale

The New Covent Garden Soup Company - A modern day tale of David and Goliath



This paper is about how the planning process was integral to the production of advertising for The New Covent Garden Soup Co. in three ways. Firstly, via the identification of what truly differentiates the brand from its competition. Secondly, via precise targeting and a clear understanding of the role for advertising to ensure a relatively small budget was optimised. And thirdly, via creative briefing which enabled the brand's difference to come alive in advertising.


The idea for The New Covent Garden Soup Co. came to its founder whilst lying in his bath after a day's sailing on a cold and rainy summer's day. He was not excited by the prospect of the salad lunch being prepared for him by his mother. Why not cook the vegetables and turn them into a warming soup? It was this idea which started him musing on why one couldn't buy good quality home-made soup. The fresh ready meals market was expanding in multiple supermarkets. Surely there was room in that market for a fresh soup that was as good as home-made?