Agency: PHD Hong Kong



56% of Hongkongers have an inadequate level of aerobic physical activity

79% have an inadequate level of daily fruit and vegetable intake

This has resulted in an increase in obesity of which 30% of Hongkongers are now obese. This is alarming as being unhealthy is now the norm.

In 2017, in line with HKJC's values of supporting Hongkongers and community betterment, HKJC took it upon themselves and developed the Striding On: 21-day Challenge, a digital fitness programme which encouraged Hongkongers to achieve their healthy living goals.


To drive betterment of our society and to prevent the alarming health alert from escalating into a health crisis, HKJC tasked us to:

Convince Hongkongers to take action with HKJC by inducing them to take the first steps to lead a healthier life

Help sign-up participants for the Striding On: 21-day Challenge